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Corneliuscast, ep 8: the 'Moneyball' trainer

This week's guest is Ollie Pimlott, Britain's newest professional trainer who says he will be employing "completely unique", data-driven methods - based on the idea of 'Moneyball' developed in US baseball - to prepare his twenty-two horses at Malton, North Yorkshire. The ambitious 31-year-old who's been a point-to-point trainer and rider, a sports commentator and a pundit with bookmakers William Hill has an intriguing story to tell. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Aug 03, 2020

Loved the podcast on moneyball. Data will change the way we look at sport; it will also introduce a new younger audience and user group which horse racing needs more than ever. Total Performance data (TPD) is the company within horse racing that will be this springboard


Racing Broadcaster  Journalist and Host.

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